Come To Daddy

Brought to you by Living House Theatre

Photo by Michael O'Reilly

Photo by Michael O’Reilly

A live-art mash up of family history, art history and a show about the long, long journey to the here-and-now. This fever-dream journey through the 20th century is inspired by the work of Tadeusz Kantor and other icons that have led us to where we are today.

It is a reflection upon all of the moments that have delivered us to this exact point in time. From the first kisses and awkward goodbyes to the self-portraits of Van Gogh and creations of Dali to the first world war and the atom bomb, all of it will be staged and swept away again. It will all be done. It will all be remembered.

Space will be made for all of it.

Living House Theatre

Samuel Metcalfe

Assistant Directors
Tiffer Hutchings & Paige Baker-Carroll

Lighting Design
Natalya Fineron

Music and Sound Design
Samuel Metcalfe

Head of Design and Costume
Lydia Markham & Alice Cockayne