Cabaret – Monday Nights

Matchstick Theatre, Music, Cabaret & More (including pies)

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Cabaret – Monday Nights

  • When: Every MON 19:30
  • Location: London
  • Venue: Matchstick Piehouse

Monday nights Matchstick Piehouse becomes the south easts queer cabaret hub.

We host a variety of outstanding, smart, sexy, awesome and very funny nights, The Crass Menagerie, Phantasmaglorious, Blow My Wig, Drag Goons, Crayola’s Madhouse & more have all graced mondays eve’s.

This really is the place to have a whoop whoop and a tinnie of local booze on a saucy Monday night.

Come on down we dare you

Mondays from 7:30pm til 11pm

£5 Advance/£7 on the door