Girlband – extended run: 26th 28th & 1st

Matchstick Theatre, Music, Cabaret & More (including pies)

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Girlband – extended run: 26th 28th & 1st

  • Date: 31 - Jan - 2019
  • Time:
  • Location: London
  • Venue: Experimental Plays

A new play by Emma Paetz.

RUN NOW EXTENDED 26th, 28th Feb & 1st March.

27y/o professional babysitter with chronic eczema seeks member for new band. No skills or talent necessary. Influences are talk radio, butt jokes, and contemplating nothingness.

Directed by Theo Cowan

Music by Rob Howatt


Cast: Claudia Jolly, Kaffe Keating, Florence Roberts & Jacob Fortune-Lloyd

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