Live Radio Play Recordings

Introducing a Matchstick experiment at the piehouse –

We’re trying our hand at recording some radio plays to a live audience and would love to invite you down!

The process should be fascinating and there will be live foley recording alongside the show as well as much beer and pie.

We hope to release these recordings as a podcast afterwards and if all goes well, it will be a regular thing – if not, at least it will go down in legend.

Thursday 30th August – 8pm. EVERY DAY OBEDIENCE MAN

Written by Séan O’Neil 

Direction by Toby Webster

Two CIA agents turn up in the north of Ireland to track a Muslim terrorist cell in the area. However the terrorists they are looking for may be the only ones that are not there to find.

Gumption, a paranoid twenty-something, sits alone talking to his TV, radicalised as a social warrior. Mick, Johnny and Padraig have been in the IRA for as long as they can remember and have the guns to prove it – though not one of them has ever been fired.

Neil and Paddy Muhammad are two guys from England – unfortunately for them they happen to know the others.

This is a satirical comedy about race, prejudice and terrorism in 2017.

Sean O’Neil is a writer from Glasgow via Donegal, Ireland. His full length play The Black Jew had a rehearsed readi
ng at The Old Red Lion Theatre in July 2017. His short play Not Savages was performed at The Miniaturists night at The Arcola Theatre in September 2017 before going on a five day run at Vaulty Towers (VAULTS) in February this year. He was also shortlisted for the this year’s BBC Comedy Writersroom Biggest Weekend Monologue.

Friday 31st August – 8pm. To Be Announced