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Who we are:

Matchstick Theatre Company is a group of 11 South London theatre-makers looking to create provocative, entertaining, unusual theatre. With a focus on new writing and original voices, we’re all about creating theatre that feels energetic and alive. When you walk into one of our shows, we want you to be walking into a new place – hopefully one you’ve never seen on stage before.

We put on most of our productions at The Matchstick Piehouse in Deptford, but we’re open to working with other venues too. Writers, directors, venues, artists, performers, anyone interested in collaborating with us, get in touch, so we can invite you over for tea and biscuits.

What we’re up to now:

Our next show is a super-local semi-immersive comedy set on a South London night bus. Tickets for N89 are on sale here.

What we’re up to next:

We’re looking for new scripts to produce in 2020! See our full callout below and send us your stories!

Why these sorts of scripts? We’re passionate about championing under-represented voices and we noticed a distinct lack of local and working class writers the last time we made a call-out. And, it’s always our aim to tell the stories of places we haven’t seen on stage before. So, that’s why we’re asking for these scripts specifically.

Script callout

The newly established Matchstick Theatre Company, based in Deptford, South London, seeks to make provocative, entertaining, unusual theatre for audiences in South London and beyond.

We’re looking for a new play to produce this year – running time 60-90 mins – that meets one of these three criteria:

  1. By a writer who lives in South London
  2. By a writer who identifies as working class
  3. Tells the story of a place not usually seen on stage

Please send your script (telling us which of theabove criteria you meet) and the following info:

  • Name, where you live, contact details, brief writing bio, 100 word synopsis
  • (If responding to criteria 3) Please also answer the question: what is the place and why have you written about it?

to by 25th February 2020.