Queer comedy, burlesque, drag and more!

The Crass Menagerie

Resident Burlesque Night on the final Monday of every Month!
The Crass Menagarie is neo-burlesque at it’s best.
“Wacky, Wonderful, Anarchic Filth”
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Blow My Wig

Resident Variety Show on the Third Monday of every Month!
Blow My Wig is the old-era variety show, with new-era performers.
“This is the place to get your Broccoli a haircut”
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Crayola’s Madhouse

Resident Queer Drag & Cabaret on the Second Monday of every Month!
Crayola’s Madhouse is queer cabaret, performer showcase & of course, a pageant.
“A molotov cocktail of madness, mischief and mayhem!”
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Start your month in the most EPIC way possible, with London’s most fantastical Cabaret and Games night!  First Monday of the month. Hosted by Oedipussi Rex. 

“Smarter, Classier and Funnier than the Greek Original”

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Photography by Angus Stewart