Image from Lgee Faure Photography [@LFaurePhotos]

Saturday morning. 1am. Aldwych. The N89 bus. Kim stumbles on and falls asleep on a stranger’s shoulder. That shoulder belongs to Daniel.

This chance meeting is the start of something special. As the bus hurtles through Southwark, Elephant, Deptford and Lewisham, Kim and Daniel encounter the classic night bus characters we’ve all seen too many times before: the queasy drunkard, the aggressive nightclubber, the loud phone talker and the fried chicken clutcher. For sure, this is a very London bus journey.
A series of comedic and dramatic interactions with these other passengers help Kim and Daniel learn a lot about each other, and, as they both come out of their shells way more than they usually would with a stranger, they even learn some new things about themselves.
They’re on the same bus journey. But their life journeys are heading in very different directions.