Both stages and the bar area, as well as an equipped accessible toilet, are reachable from ground level. 

Our rehearsal room (which functions as a dressing room and green room for musicians) is unfortunately only accessible via a staircase; previously, events have set up an alternate dressing room in the front room downstairs to get around this constraint. This is totally fine to do, it just needs to be arranged with us in advance (via email) so we can ensure all performers feel safe and respected.

We’re happy to adjust any seating or find arrangements which make you feel comfortable. 

Carers can get a complimentary ticket to any event, this just needs to be arranged with us in advance (via email).

During shows, the lighting type can vary from high to low. We also often use smoke machines. If you’re worried about any strobes, moving lights, or smoke, please let the manager know upon your arrival to the venue and we can liaise with the event organisers. 

Music is often very loud during events: we provide free earplugs at the bar, but if you’re worried about volume levels please speak to the manager upon your arrival. 

We don’t have a consistent gluten free beer or food option.

We have a number of events which are catered to or run by people with different accessibility needs: 
Spectrum, a club night for queer neurodivergent people 
Cabaret Identitease, a cabaret show committed to having 50% disability representation in their performer line ups 
– Gigs run by Heart n Soul, a charity based in Deptford for 37 years, supporting people with different accessibility needs to make music