The most important thing we do is provide a space for art to happen in the least commercial way possible. 

We charge as little as we can for venue hire and allow all of our collaborators to keep 100% of their ticket revenue. We also don’t require a minimum bar spend.

We prioritise giving space to groups who have previously encountered barriers to involvement in the arts: for this reason, we commit to NEVER booking line ups which solely consist of white, cis male acts.

We will not censor any project unless we judge it to be preaching hate of any kind, or endorsing or in any way enabling racist, sexist or homophobic behaviour.  

Our management model is collective, so all decisions are made at weekly managerial meetings. We have monthly staff meetings and encourage an environment where all staff freely critique the venue’s decisions and share ideas for future projects/uses of the space. 

We are accredited by the Good Night Out campaign, which means we have a 0 tolerance sexual harassment policy. More information about this can be found at https://www.goodnightoutcampaign.org/