Do you have a cloakroom?


We operate a ‘leave it in a dark corner’ policy: the space has lots of strange, mostly unused nooks and crannies which are good hiding spots. Coat hooks are located all over the building, but there’s no dedicated safe space for bigger belongings like bags. Bikes can be locked up outside the venue.

If tickets for Steam Down are sold out online, will there be any on the door?

Yes, but a very limited number; up to 5 

S.D Weekly often hits the upward band of our venue capacity (150 people) so we can’t guarantee more than 5 tickets on the door. Due to capacity constraints tickets also can’t be rolled over to the following week if you can’t make the original date you bought for.

Are children and pets allowed?

Mostly yes…

Pets are always welcome (at the discretion of the event organiser), and children are allowed in the space until 9pm if accompanied by a legal guardian.

I have some unused equipment/
furniture that i’m looking to get rid of. Do you take donations?

We’re very open to them!

Please send an email to contact@matchstick with an image and description of your items, and we’ll get back to you with an answer about if we can find a use for them. As we’re a not-for-profit space money is often tight, so inquiries of this sort are always appreciated!

Are the pies good?


All of our pies are sourced from pieminister, and we try to have an equal amount of vegan, vegetarian and meat options (the mash and gravy are also vegan). Unfortunately we don’t regularly have a gluten free option. Our staff can let you know about any other allergens.