A new play by Callum Crouch

Returning to action from 25th September 2018 at Matchstick Piehouse

Expect to spend your evening in the ladies toilets of a queerclub. That, in itself is problem for more than one of the

Over the course of the night love, lust, sisterhood and
celebrity-level bitching are mixed up and cranked up under
the watchful eye of the new toilet attendant.
As the heavy night charges on some surprising and deep
connections are made but the lurking homophobia and
racism drive the characters towards a violent exposure. It
doesn’t end up pretty.

What will be the hangover of this evening? Can it be fixed?
Come and see what you think. There’s a smell in the air
that’s going to take more than a vaporiser to deal with.


Written by Callum Crouch

Directed by Adam Gerrett

Music composed by Lewis Daniel


Jennifer Joseph
Naomi Abe
Abi Richardson
Emma Naomi
Lewis Formby
Ally Brett
Isabelle Bonfrer


Lewis Daniel & Adam Fletcher