Millennials June/July 2019

Matchstick Theatre, Music, Cabaret & More (including pies)

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Millennials June/July 2019

Matchstick’s Summer Season is here!

~~ The Millennial : “a person reaching young adulthood in the early 21st century.” ~~

Generation Y. The Echo-Boomers. Generation ME.

They survived the Millennium, but what have they done since?

Confidence or Entitlement?
Narcissism or Happiness? 

Including two new plays, the Millennial Midsummer Festival, themed artwork, cabaret, music, installations & Debates spanning across June & July!

The Valve

“We will fill you with light healthy air. Nothing to drag you down. It will be like you’re floating. Floating above the crowd..”

A sci-fi piece by Laurence Pritchard about a woman and her decision to become inflatable.


June 2019

Developed from Matchstick Winemakers 2017 season.

Image Greta Westwood


Any Rebellion of Will

“The point is to have an occupation.
A pursuit.
Work to funnel all your skill, talent, passion, libido, frustration, and narcissistic fantasies into..

It doesn’t matter whether you make a mountain or a molehill. As long as you make something.”

A dark, absurdist comedy with a touch of Vaudeville.

A new play from one of our American Collaborators; SL Daniels.

Poster by Gloria Pyman

Millenial poster by Gloria Pyman