Power. Pride. Life eternal.

Stripped back to the bare bones and reborn, this new and raw adaptation of Faustus by Adam Gerrett will bring an epic spectacle to the Winemakers Club as it pairs with Jack Painting’s original compositions & drum work alongside an ensemble of 11 superb actors to create something very special indeed. 

“Your sins sit in scarlet; written as blood, and yet it is blood that will save you.

Repent Faustus, Repent for peace everlasting.”


A New Version by Adam Gerrett

Directed by Dominic Spillane

Music by Jack Painting

Design by Mike McShane


James Mack, Caroline Faber, Duncan Alldridge, Theo Cowan, Rebecca Lee, Rhys Jones, Emily Thomson, Ivana Mazza Coates, Sam Gillett, Emma Lane & Martha Bennett.


Jack Painting, Akinori Fujimoto & Adam Fletcher

Production Team:

Libby Bushnell, Lizzie Prentis & Jake Wood

With thanks to Taiko Meantime

4th March, 8pm, The Winemakers Club