Flush 2017

Sometimes its hard to be a woman [Period]

Sometimes the little girls room is the only place to take some time-out of a heavy club night, but no one asks who employs the toilet attendant and what the fuck is she doing there in the first place?

Over the course of one evening love, lust, sisterhood and celebrity-level bitching are mixed up and cranked up under the judgemental eye and appalling advice of the new popsicle bearer.

As secrets and violence are flushed out in the collision, there’s a smell in the air that’s going to take more than a vaporiser to deal with.

Written by Callum Crouch

Directed by Adam Gerrett

Music composed by Lewis Daniel

Cast includes:
Elijah Harris
Isabelle Bonfrer
Ivy Corbin
Sophie Cartman
Rachel Summers
Ripeka Templeton
Victoria Elizabeth

Trailer by Tomas Uragallo

10th & 12th June, 8pm, The Winemakers Club




Rehearsal pictures by Benjamin Wainwright