“Its the end. Everythings over. Everyone will be wiped out. Even the soldiers that left here. That did this. They will die. They want to outrun the cloud. But it’s impossible.”

Rain Poster #4The second in New Writings Nights’ return season; Rain by Heather Uprichard takes us to a dystopian world where war & acid rain have destroyed life as we know it.

The tunnel arches of Holborn Viaduct are the perfect setting for this end of the world drama, part of Matchstick New Writing Nights at the Winemakers Club.

Written by Heather Uprichard

Directed by Chris Davis

Produced by Adam Gerrett

Cast : Nicholas Richardson, Kaffe Keating & James Mack

8pm, 10th September, 2016.


Tickets Here.

The Winemakers Club

41a Farringdon Street



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