Gala Mae


Gala Mae

Set in a bustling night club in 1950s Soho and present-day London, the play follows the lives of two mixed-race sisters. Raised in a children’s home, when one of the sisters eventually ends up in an old people’s home, the other decides to rescue her sibling, persuading her with memories of their colourful, spirited past.

Produced as a scene study exploring scenes 2-6 as part of Bare Lit Festival on the 25th May, at The Albany, Deptford.
It now comes to Matchstick Piehouse in it’s Spring Season; 5th – 22nd March


Written by Annette Brook

Georgia Landers, Camille Mallet de Chauny

Directed by Dominic Spillane

Dominic Creasey, Saul Boyer