Frankenstein; The Modern Prometheus

Performing at Shuffle Festival 2016

How do you create a monster? This new play looks at what it is to be a creator of life – to build mankind anew.Frankenstein_TMP

“I know all about you. You are the only person I’ve ever met. I trust you. I hope that’s not programmed into me. I hope that’s mine.frankenweenie_100716_3044-copy

Imagine if Frankenstein made the creature and wasn’t afraid of it. Imagine if he was in complete control. Imagine what he could do.

The first show in Matchstick’s season of new writing nights at the Winemakers Club in Farringdon in a sold out production on March 19th 2016. Frankenstein now returns on July 9th 2016 as part of Shuffle Festival in the eerily beautiful Tower Hamlets Cemetery, Mile End.frankenweenie_100716_3024-copy

Devised and written by Dominic Spillane & Adam Gerrett


Workshopped/Directed by Alex Bhat & Benjamin Wainwright

Designed by Mike McShane (website)

Sound Design by Patrick James Fitzroy

Projection/video design by Alex Uragallo 

Make up by Hortense Franc (website)

Set Build by Andrew Hart, Jack Anthony taylor, Lule Meta, Ekaterina Luzgina, Elizabeth Prentis, Janek Nixon, Bo Choy, Ilona Ba, Molly Kempner, Theo Cowan & Jessica Quinlan

Photography by Benjamin Wainwright

Filming by Tomas Uragallo and Leanne Bunyanfrankenweenie_080716_3200-copy