The Kraken Wakes


Fireballs rain from the skies.
Ships sink in open seas. 
Icebergs bob in the English Channel.
At the dawn of the Atomic Age, Man’s dominion is threatened by an unseen force stirring in the ocean deeps…
Inspired by John Wyndham’s novel, The Kraken Wakes is a prophetic vision of the lengths humanity will go to ignore the deepest truths of its existence.
‘Find a nice, self-sufficient hilltop, and fortify it…’


Written by Benjamin Wainwright

Directed by James Newton

Sound design by Robin Cunningham

Design and build by Gabriella Spiridon & Dominic Spillane


Kaffe Keating, Bessie Carter, Nathan Coenen & Bronte Tadman

Trailer filmed by Tomas Uragallo & Aks Huckleberry

8th April, 8pm, The Winemaker’s Club