New Writing Nights is a monthly event in 2016 of exciting new theatre at The Winemakers Club, Farringdon.




Frankenstein; The Modern Prometheus


How do you create a monster? This new play looks at what it is to be a creator of life – to build mankind anew.

Written by Dominic Spillane & Adam Gerrett

The first show in Matchstick’s season of new writing nights at the Winemakers Club in Farringdon, March 19th, 8pm.

Two Cunts Go Camping


Two mates. They’ve been the best of mates for ages. They’re going camping. What could possibly go wrong?

‘Two Cunts go Camping’ is an offensively dark new comedy by Toby Webster and Patrick Tolan.

The second in Matchstick’s season of new writing nights at the Winemakers Club in Farringdon,16th April, 8pm.

The Shadow-Line

shadow line pic 3

A young sea captain’s first command brings with it a succession of crises. Some of the crew are sick, the first mate is deranged, the sea is far too calm – and out here the sea is the only world that counts.

A vibrant, dark sea yarn, based on the short story by Joseph Conrad, written by Joe Jamieson.

The third in Matchstick’s season of new writing nights at the Winemakers Club in Farringdon,21st May, 8pm.


Two miscreants play their usual game of ‘Guess the Corpse’, only this time they take it slightly further..

New Writing Nights returns in August with Mermaid, by Theo Cowan.
Directed by James Newton

Inspired by a short story of Charles Bukowski, we dive into the grim-living of this fantastic writer under the familiar arches of Farringdon’s Winemakers Club.

8pm, 13th August, 2016.


“Its the end. Everythings over. Everyone will be wiped out. Even the soldiers that left here. That did this. They will die. They want to outrun the cloud. But it’s impossible.”

The second in New Writings Nights’ return season; Rain by Heather Uprichard takes us to a dystopian world where acid rain has destroyed life as we know it.

Written by Heather Uprichard and directed by Chris Davis.

8pm, 10th September, 2016.

This is Matty, and he is Fucked

A new piece by Serafina Cusack exploring the illegal rave scene in the UK.

A collaboration between Matchstick and Appetite Theatre, the piece will be performed at the Winemakers Club in Farringdon as part of New Writing Nights.

8pm, October 15th, 2016

The Kensington Raider

Final instalment of New Writing Nights 2016 is an in house piece from Matchstick’s Adam Gerrett and Joe Jamieson inspired by the short stories of Russian writer Maxim Gorky who was famed for his insight into the life of the true vagabond.

This Piece explores the freedoms and tragedies of being a constant wanderer.

Gorky spent his life wandering from place to place and died with the regret of not capturing the joys of the life he’d seen, this will be an attempt to capture that joy.

Performed at the Winemakers Club in Farringdon.

8pm, 12th November, 2016


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