Matchstick started up in 2015 with two productions under the working name of Theatre BMC before rebranding in 2016 for the New Writing Nights, a regular monthly slot at the winemakers as well as working at Shuffle Festival. New writing nights continued in 2017 at the winemakers, upping the scale of the productions and finished off the year running a stage at Shuffle Festival.



Oedipus the KingOedipus the King website copy

A new adaptation of Sophocles’s Oedipus the King by Joe Jamieson. Performed in traverse with a chorus of actor-musicians, with original music composed by Adam Fletcher.

The crops have failed, the animals are weak. Everywhere there is hunger. A madness creeps in. An anger creeps in. They are ready to sacrifice, ready to war.

Since Oedipus solved the riddle of the Sphinx and liberated the city of Thebes from her tyranny, peace and prosperity has marked the king’s reign. Until relentless plague and starvation take hold in a vicious onslaught which can only be the work of the gods. The people of the city are crying out in anger and look to their king.

This production was first performed at the Winemakers Club on November 14th 2015.

Adam Fletcher – Stranger from Corinth/Chorus/Music
Adam Gerrett – Oedipus
Kester Hynds – Chorus/Music
Sona Koloyan – Chorus/Music
Jovis Lane – Chorus/Music
Elena Voce – Jocasta
Dominic Spillane – Creon
Toby Webster – Tiresias/Shepherd

All This is Folly

A new musical and the first production written by Joe Jamieson with music by Kirjava.

One thing is not enough, one experience is not enough, one feeling is not enough.

It’s the night before the biggest night of the tour. Young singer Gabriela is rehearsing on stage when she is approached by her two besotted technicians… Through theatre and music, All This is Folly explores infatuation and the desire to create.

This production first took place at the Winemakers Club on August 8th, 2015 before transferring to the Montague Arms in spring 2016.

Anna Brooks-Beckman – Gabriela
Adam Gerrett – Freddy
Dominic Spillane – Will
Adam Fletcher
John Matts
Mariam Koloyan
Patrick James Fitzroy